5 Ideas To Help Engage More With Your Customer Base


In order for businesses to continue growing and expand, they need to have a loyal customer base that is connected to the business. Here are five ideas on how you can engage with your customers more than ever before.

Use More Social Media

In the modern and digital age, one of the most effective ways in which you can engage with your customers is by using social media. This will help you connect to your customers by giving them direct access to your business. This will allow you to showcase your products to them, or show more about the day-to-day of the business, which could make them feel closer.

Some businesses even use social media as a customer service tool, allowing them to deal with issues in front of other customers, showcasing their commitment. Social media Is a must for businesses going forward.

Utilize An Email Newsletter

Many modern businesses choose to use a service which allows them to advertise directly to their customers. When a customer purchases a product from a website, they may be automatically enrolled, unless they unclick, to hear from the company newsletter.

This newsletter could be telling customers about changes to the company or more personal details to try and connect to them. It could also be that a company uses a newsletter to offer a select range of new products or discount codes to customers who have bought from them before, as a reward for their loyalty.

These newsletters help not only to promote products and services, but can help to engage with their customers in a way outside of the business. Some businesses utilize a physical newsletter within their business that customers will read whilst waiting in a room, and some will post out physical newsletters with unique offers.

The way in which you structure a newsletter will be important. For example, you will want it to be similar to the style of your business, so that it best represents what you and your business stands for. If it looks too different to the image you are trying to portray, then it will come off as disingenuous and could cause you issues.

It may be a good idea to start with some email newsletter templates to help gain an understanding of what a newsletter should look like. It could also be worth your time to browse through your emails to see what newsletters are sent to you and what stands out. You may already have one in mind that you browse through recently, that will be a good place to start.

Personalize Your Advertisements

You could look into more customized advertisements. You will have a few options, such as utilizing SEO techniques to appear at the top of a search engine result when keywords are searched. You could also create banner advertisements that are designed with your ideal customer in mind, or even use per-per-click advertising to grab their attention and potentially get value for your investment.

Personalized advertisements are a powerful tool that will only get stronger. Google uses personalization to help get adverts to the right people. It may use data related to previous searches or websites visited so that potential consumers only see what they will want to see.

Seek Feedback And Look To Improve

At the end of the day, your customers are one of the most important pillars related to the success of your business. If they have a poor opinion of your product or your business in general, then you may find it difficult to get them back on your side.

That’s why it could be a good idea to ask them directly for feedback. This could be in the form of a survey emailed to them after the transaction has taken place, or it could be sent on a newsletter or just on the website. As these surveys are mostly anonymous, customers will have no reason to lie, meaning you will get a truthful look at your company from an outside perspective.

When you have gathered information from a survey, then you will be able to implement changes based on this. It could be that you need to change the way in which you conduct business, or even change the products themselves. Either way, it will put you in the best position possible to implement change.

Look Into Promotional Campaigns And Giveaways

Promotional campaigns are a great way to help engage with your customer base. It’s a marketing technique that helps drive up interest in your business, as well as reward customers for getting involved with your campaign. It could be that you’re advertising a heavily discounted product, or that customers will receive something for free when they purchase another product.

Giveaways have a similar impact, where you can encourage customers and potential customers to share a social media post in order to be entered into a competition. This can help spread word about your business, as well as help build up hype around your business or a potential new product.