A Guide to Attracting International Talent to Your Business


Most modern industries have benefitted from globalization, and the workforce has become more mobile. This means that businesses should now see themselves as players in the global market and not localized organizations.

Align Your Values

Think about the values that your company exhibits; the top candidates will choose to work for businesses whose values align with their own. Display those values to candidates. Showcase your standards of innovation and creativity. Be vocal in the moral and ethical standing of your business. Remember that authenticity is valued by workers.

Take Care of the Admin

Remove the roadblocks which would act as impediments for overseas employees. Develop a strategy for assisting those recruited with the documentation that they need, often they are needed to ensure that your business is legally compliant. Do your research when it comes to hiring personnel from overseas. Sort out work visas, social security, driving licenses etc. For example, farmers looking to hire migrant workers will need to secure agriculture visas. Farmer Law PC has all the information you need, so be sure to check them out. Make an effort to ensure ease of access for all would-be foreign workers looking to join your workforce.

Think Globally

Consider the markets that you operate in. Trading in multiple countries provides the perfect opportunity to hire workers native to that country who already have a good understanding of the market. Building a base of workers in each of the markets you operate in makes it easier to recruit foreign workers to your head office. Do the research to ensure that you understand the legal considerations when hiring abroad.

Offer Support

Strive to create a multicultural environment for your workers. Encourage them to bring their different perspectives and voices to the table; after all, that’s why you hired them. Foster a culture of creativity and curiosity. Develop policies that accommodate a diverse workforce, address harassment and work towards equal opportunities. Provide support for your employees who may not be used to the business practices of your country. Implement training measuresthat reinforce the importance of diversity.

Retain Said Talent

Retaining the talent that you have worked hard to recruit can present its own challenges. Work towards eliminating the barriers which would jeopardize the future of the staff. Remove cultural and language barriers. Offer opportunities for the staff to learn either by training courses or language classes to help educate them and make it easier for them to assimilate. Try to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.