Considering Cybersecurity When Buying Diamond Jewelry Online


In recent times, we’ve seen the transition of shopping from malls to our own screens for one main reason: the rising popularity of e-commerce. When most shopping retailers moved online, consumers never had a more convenient option to shop right at their fingertips. Shoppers can buy almost anything under the sun – furniture, clothes, gadgets, and so much more. And this covers a vast price range, from affordable products to high-end ones. This explains why many shoppers do not hesitate to buy more expensive products online, like diamonds – which is why buying jewelry online has become so popular.

However, with the parabolic growth of the e-commerce industry also came the increasing prevalence of cybercriminals on the Internet. For instance, what may seem like a legitimate shopping website might be an elaborate attempt at a phishing scam – a type of scam that aims to obtain your personal information such as passwords and credit card details. Before anything else, let’s first discuss the risks associated with buying jewelry online. 

Risks Associated With Buying Jewelry Online 

When you go shopping for your favorite jewelry online, there’s always a risk associated with it. This is primarily due to inputting sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details on shopping websites – information that malicious actors can use for their own personal and financial gain. This is especially true for some shopping websites that don’t encrypt them. 

In 2020, Claire’s – a jewelry and accessories retailer – was a victim of a cyber attack, which rendered the credit card information of their customers vulnerable. While this is a rare occurrence, it can happen even with big brands. Such is the risk of buying online. But despite that, buying online can be safe should you take the necessary precautionary measures. Before we get into the tips for safe online jewelry shopping, you must first know the factors to consider in choosing a retailer. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Jewelry Retailer

It’s easy to fall into the trap of mind-boggling discounts and check out the diamond jewelry you’ve been eyeing for the longest time. But before you do that, there are a few factors you must consider when choosing a retailer. Here are some you should take note of for future reference: 

Research the Website’s Safety 

Before making your purchase, be sure that the website you’re visiting is safe. It’s always worth double-checking the URLs you visit – be sure they’re the official ones linked on their social media platforms. Many attackers use visually-similar characters in URLs to mask their scams. For instance, placing the letters ‘r’ and ‘n’ beside each other to imitate the letter ‘m’. 

Another way to check for a website’s safety, as previously mentioned, is by checking if it’s encrypted. Encryption is crucial in jumbling personal information, so an outsider doesn’t see any confidential information. All successful and reputable e-commerce retailers maintain their security by encrypting their web pages. 

Check Customer Feedback

There’s no better way to check for a website’s reliability than by hearing the words of others. Be sure to check for online reviews and feedback. Read into their experiences. Did the website feel safe? Was the whole process of shopping a breeze? Did the experience raise any red flags? The more information you have about their website, the easier it is for you to make a decision. 

Read the Privacy Policy

Okay, we know that most people just want to buy their favorite diamond jewelry and wait for its shipment – instead of reading that lengthy privacy policy found at the bottom of each page. But the thing is, you shouldn’t be skipping that step. 

The privacy policy contains information about how a company manages your confidential information. It’s important to know if they share it with other third parties. Be sure to check if you can opt out of providing any personal information, should you not feel comfortable doing so. 

Tips for Safe Online Diamond Jewelry Shopping

Now you’re aware of some factors to consider, let’s walk through some tips on how you can shop safely. Here’s how you can do it: 

Increase Your Password Security

One of the best cybersecurity practices is to increase your password security. Obviously, that doesn’t mean making your passwords, “password” or “123456”. Be sure to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphanumeric characters with some symbols. 

Check Credit Card Statements Regularly

If you love shopping regularly, it’s a good habit to frequently check credit card statements. By doing so, you can easily report any fraudulent transactions when online shopping. For good measure, disabling online transactions on your card, when not in use, is an option depending on your bank. 

In Conclusion 

Even with all the risks associated with online shopping, they shouldn’t deter you from buying the diamond of your dreams. Purchasing expensive jewelry online is doable, provided that you take the necessary safety measures to prevent any cyber-attacks. Now you know how to keep yourself safe from the bad actors in the e-commerce space, it’s time to get back to shopping! 


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