How to Throw a Great Summer Business Event 


Summer is in full swing in many parts of the world, but now we are adults, summer unfortunately means that instead of long summer breaks to enjoy the weather, we still have to work. That being said, it is also a great time to put on some fun business events so everyone can at least have some time to chill and enjoy the weather.

If you are a business looking at wanting to throw a great summer business event, then look no further than this piece. Read on for some great event throwing tips!

Find the Perfect Location

The location is an important part of a business event. Not only do you want to be able to entice people to give up their free evening, but you also want to make sure it is in a place that people will enjoy. Unless you have good reason to do so, holding a business event in your office or somewhere even less scenic is probably going to put some people off making the journey to get there.

Some ideal locations for a business summer event to choose from could be:

  1. Party house
  2. Bar 
  3. A specialist rented space such as a museum
  4. Gardens
  5. Rooftop 

You will want to make sure that your location is appropriate and inspiring and that it will draw people in for your event, so it is worth having a proper think about the ideal spot and what you will be able to offer there.

Food and Drink 

Food and drink are often the most important parts of a business event to anyone attending. If there is the prospect of lukewarm beers and 2-day-old refrigerated sandwiches, that might not be quite the lure that a business hopes it might be. Think about the weather, as that can have an effect on the food your guests would like to eat, along with what activities and entertainment you want to provide. 

If you are hosting a pool event, the chances are people might not be up to a  three-course sit-down meal. However, a cookout on a rooftop sounds like they go hand in hand!
Do not forget to get a bar team on the go either – who will supply an adequate amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Why not try out some event bartenders, so you can host wherever you like with professionals on the bar?


Aside from the fact that you will have the main reason why your business is holding an event – perhaps an introduction to a new product or service or a space to network – you will also want to make sure there are plenty of non-business-related activities to enjoy, so it does not feel like a forced event.  

This could be anything from a live band and dancers to games or comedians! Think about what your audience would most like to see, and then do your research to find the best option for your event.


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