Iconic design lamps and Flos lighting


Lamps are a fundamental object of the interior space, creating the right atmosphere and influencing a person’s mood. But not only that, they play a key role in interior design. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of interior lighting and the most iconic design lamps of the brand Flos.

The importance of lamps in interior design

Lighting is an absolutely fundamental aspect of good interior design. It not only influences the perceived size of a room, but also changes the perception of the atmosphere, and as mentioned before, the mood of the people living there and the way they use that space.

To influence the feelings a person may have in a room, and to instil the ideal atmosphere for the context for which the room has been designed, the temperature of the light must be assessed. Colour temperature is one of the key parameters to consider when selecting lighting sources for your project, as it defines the climate of the room and its comfort.

Warm lighting, with a reddish or yellowish colour, creates a comfortable or cosy atmosphere. While cool lighting, preferable in work contexts, can create a more energetic mood.

The materials from which the lamps are made also contribute to the perception of the room as a whole. Cooler materials such as metal, ceramic, crystal, and the like give a modern and minimalist feel. On the contrary, the use of fabrics or wood conveys warmth.

Designer lamps as decoration

In addition to their functional role, lamps can become decorative objects and exhibition pieces. This type of lighting is referred to as accent lighting. It adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. As part of an interior design scheme, designer lamps are used to draw attention to and complement architectural details, plants, paintings, sculptures, and other valuable assets.

Many iconic design lamps can be found in the Flos collection. Flos is an international company founded in 1962 as a lamp manufacturer by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina in Merano. Today, the brand is recognized by the world as a leading figure in the design lighting market. Flos’ creations have received numerous international awards, and many of them are now featured in the permanent collections of leading international art and design museums.

Among the famous designers who have contributed to the success of Flos are the brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni and Tobia Scarpa. Between the most iconic decorative lamps we can find: Arco, with its marble base weighing about 50 kg, and the large arched metal stem. Parentesi, whose name comes from the shape of the steel tube, is the central element of the lamp, which resembles a parenthesis.

Flos’ philosophy and strengths

Flos aim to create luminous objects, which, in addition to their function, can express ideas and emotions. Flos lighting amazes its customers not only with its quality made-in-Italy, its unique and contemporary design, but also and above all with the use of unexplored and unthinkable materials, such as cocoon.

The company’s philosophy is to constantly engage new talents and to remain at the forefront, improving both technique and technology. The desire is to experiment, to find revolutionary materials and advanced technological solutions. Flos is a company that stands at the meeting point of art, design, craftsmanship, and industrial production, limited numbers, and mass production.