Phuket: Beautiful landscapes and architecture

Landscapes and Architecture

Nowadays, many things are not what they used to be. As the global population is growing unstoppable, spaces have to be used more thoughtfully and places that used to be forgotten villages on the other end of the world became popular metropolises. Additionally, we are facing new challenges that impact each one of us in an increasing manner. Beautiful landscapes and architecture, the art of planning and constructing buildings and making fallow places livable, is naturally playing a big role in tackling those issues. Since the architects of the last centuries have experienced all kinds of different phases and went from romantic harmony with nature to cold artificial rationalism and back, nowadays, the environment and space in general are more important than ever. Approaches like those of the Norwegian architect SverreFehn to include the areas of trees in the pavilion of the northern countries in Venice, are now finding a larger audience and show a new direction of working with the surroundings.

One place that has surprisingly well-developed in recent years is the Thai island Phuket. Having increased its popularity also among foreign investors, the island sees a rise in the real estate market, resulting in extraordinary pieces of architecture.

After the island has seen a greater demand, the market reacted quickly and now there is more and more real estate for sale in Phuket, Thailand.

A higher demand has automatically attracted a bigger number of architectural bureaus across the island, of which many have an astonishing approach of being individual and widening the borders of the ordinary architecture.

Certainly, this does not come randomly. The island is convincing with its amazing landscapes, fauna and flora and attracts millions of tourists each year from all over the world. Of course, also the landscape architecture plays a key role on peopleinvesting in South-East-Asia, whenbuilding and designing a new High-End Villa, investors are advised to get a renowned landscape architect. Since the island is so diverse and popular among investors, beautiful landscapes and architecture are to be found everywhere across Phuket.

Villas, mansions and breathtaking projects: The Luxury architecture of Phuket

While many may have a picture of Thailand that convinces especially with its cheap prices, the south of the south-east-asian country shows a completely different side. Especially the island Phuket is known for its extravagant homes built by renowned architects from all over the world.

Phuket has long been noted for its innovation and ambitious initiatives that actively try to include the environment and the surrounding nature while providing all of the comforts of a complete luxury experience. For ages, Phuket drew fortune-seekers, laborers, and businessmen from Asia, Arabia, and Europe. This intriguing blend of cultures and ideas is represented on the island’s architecture for many years, reminding us of the fluxes of civilizations and knowledge which has gotten us to where we are now. Looking at how the design of luxury homes in Phuket has evolved, one would discover a history of more than 150 years of spectacular architecture.

Unlike many may expect, Phuket has been a home for wealthy communities for many years. Already during the 19th and 20th century when Thailand’s economy experienced a boom through tin-mining, the upper class of the society started to use their savings building extraordinary villas all across the island. The traditional style that this architecture followed was inspired by the preferences of the tin-barons of China and Indonesia which have been a role model for the country ever since. Some of those breathtaking pieces, many of which consist of wood and have been rotting away, can still be visited in the center of Phuket-Town, the capital of the island.

Tourism as a key income

Since the island’s economy has shifted from farming and mining towards international tourism, much has changed and places which used to be home for the lower classes have emerged into luxury palaces. One example of such a dramatic sociological and architectural change is a former coconut plantation located close to the famous Surin Beach, which now has become the home of one of the most luxurious places of the country.

Noting this happened already in 1988, it is no wonder that such development has not stopped so far. The spike in real estate projects throughout the island has also brought up concerns of the local communities, as they are not able to afford such homes and often are forced to sell off land for cheap prices. Not only has the impact of foreign architects in Phuket increased, also the traditional style of the famous south-thai mansions has been an inspiration to artists abroad. The American architect Edward Tuttle for instance made it to lay the groundwork for a new style of architecture that emerged from his extensive travels throughout Thailand.

As the island has become more and more popular amongst international tourists, the flourishing real estate sector has attracted many architects from all around the globe, bringing their own ideas and styles to the island. Additionally, the growing tourism sector drew interest amongst investors and wealthy folks who are looking for extravagant homes in a beautiful climate.

The Designers and Architects of the extraordinary residences of Phuket

As the development has gone the previously described way and the architectural sector started to become more and more important in Phuket, many new players have joined the race of creating the most extraordinary homes on the island. While several new architecture firms have started businesses on the island, not all of them have the same level of ambition and vision required to design outstanding houses and places.

One group which has been renowned for its outstanding work is the Architecture Group The Only One. While many in the architectural and artistic scene are copying and sampling ideas from others, the company’s name speaks for itself. The group has made it its ambition to create only individual buildings with a highly aesthetic approach. Launching huge projects with big investors, the Architect Company in Phuket, Thailand uses its possibilities to implement perfection and coherent individualism into all elements of the architectural idea. The organization truly excels in creating distinctive, exclusive, timeless, and extraordinary project outputs.

While working out big projects like Hotels and private mansions, the company additionally puts an outstanding focus on including the environment and the most important thing: sustainability.  If one looks for modern minimalist and still aesthetic pieces of architecture that blend in surprisingly well with the surroundings in South-East-Asia, The Only One Architecture Group is a place to stumble upon.

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