Science Based Health is Becoming About Personalization


With all the advancements in science, it was only a matter of time before health nutrition became personalized. There has been massive research in the areas of nutrition customization. Science based nutrition has been around since the 1940’s. This is when scientists along with the U.S. federal government came up with our daily allowances of vitamins and minerals. What is astonishing is that to this very day those studies and findings are still finding their way on food labels and cereal boxes. The human genome project has now allowed scientists an inside out look at the actual make up of our human bodies. There is one group of scientists that is lead by Dr. Bernie Caston, that has broken through the barriers of being able to personalize nutrition based off of a persons DNA. DNA assessments have been widely touted as the break through of the decade. People are scrambling to see what their DNA says about them. It can show strengths and weaknesses in genes. People feel this might give them some insight as to how to give there body what it needs. But now with 8 of the top scientists in the field of nutragenomics, there is no guessing at all. They have spent years researching specific genes that are responsible for health and well being. They have also been researching what living and whole foods positively affect weaknesses in these genes.

What has been discovered and developed and scientifically proven to have relevance is amazing. They have discovered many different mutated genes that are the origins to not only health challenges, but the predispositions to many of the major diseases around the world. What they have been able to accomplish is truly as cutting edge as it gets. They have identified 12 specific genes that are responsible for health and well being. They have a DNA assessment that you can take in the comfort of your own home and then send it off for the assessment. They then formulate a proven personalized formulation just for your bodies needs. Then, instead of telling you to go buy “one size fits all” bottled supplements, they actually make a custom nutritional supplement system out of living and whole foods just for you! This way, not only the ingredients can all be in a single solution, but also, you will get the exact amount of each ingredient you need. This is not a multi-vitamin. This is true science based heath and it is personalized 100 percent for each individual. No preservatives are needed as the ingredients are all “fresh to order” so to speak. Once you open your nutrition just toss it in the Fridge and it is actually a concentrated food you add to your diet each day. So, science based health is revolutionizing the wellness industry and this is a fundamental shift in how we all will make personal product decisions from now on.

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