Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Lawyer


Most business owners would prefer not to think about the reasons why their business would need an attorney. They would prefer to keep looking to the future, focusing on the positive, but a good attorney is an essential component to any company’s continued success. Here are a few reasons why you need a lawyer.

An Attorney Can Identify Issues Before You Can

Talk to an attorney about any plans for your business that you have moving forward. Ask them for their opinion on any changes or expansion before you commit. Use their years of experience to avoid pitfalls that you may not be aware of.

An Attorney Can De-Escalate A Situation

Contact an attorney as soon as it looks like a legal situation may arise. Refer any legal communications or threats to your attorney instead of dealing with them yourself. Keep detailed records of every communication and transaction so your attorney can get up to speed quickly. Remember that court cases always have fees attached. Ask your attorney how you can avoid a lengthy and expensive battle.

An Attorney Will Have Contacts You Need

Ask your attorney if they have experience in or contacts with experience in new territories such as cryptocurrency and other fintech areas. Remember that these areas can be volatile and that you need to protect yourself and your business.

An Attorney Can Help Navigate Visa Issues

Bring your attorney on board if you are looking at hiring employees from outside of the USA. Talk to them about the job you are hiring for and give them as much information as you can. Remember that the requirements for different visas are occasionally updated. Ask which work visa you need to apply for. Research the best fit for your business and ask “what is the H2A visa program” if you need agricultural labor. Give them as much time as you can to get the application process underway.

An Attorney Will Make Your Contracts Airtight

Run any contracts for your business past your attorney. Make them a part of the process if you are drawing up an agreement with a new partner or a supplier. Ask your attorney to check employment contracts for new staff members. Talk to them as soon as it appears that there has been a disagreement over wording in a contract.

An Attorney Can Help With Financial Issues

Discuss your options with your attorney if your business has encountered financial difficulty. Find out if filing for bankruptcy is the best option. Ask your attorney about loopholes and opportunities, including government grants and extending debt repayments.