Ultimate NFT Influencer Marketing Strategies To 10X Your Growth


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the hottest commodities around today. Everyone seems to be clambering to get in on the craze. NFTs are digital assets created on the Blockchain network. They are non-interchangeable tokens that can be purchased and sold in NFT marketplaces.

The NFT industry has gained so much popularity in such a short time, with no signs of slowing down. NFT artists and creators rightly take the lion’s share of the limelight, but NFT influencers are not far behind.

The rise of influencer marketing is more than a fad; it’s a necessity. Successful NFT influencers know how to bring together fans and content as an industry. Many believe that influencer marketing may boost NFT and crypto businesses; we find it hard to disagree.

You may choose to outsource to an influencer marketing agency or enlist one on your own. Either way, you need to have a set of strategies that give your project the much-needed exposure and boost for exponential growth. And, you can find all of this in our guide to influencer marketing!

In this article, we list down some of the best influencer marketing strategies you can use to promote your NFTs.

Team Up with Other NFT Influencers

Collaborations are especially popular in the influencer landscape. Having your NFT influencer collaborate with other NFT influencers means you can tap on their combined networks to bring in more traffic.

A few strong peer endorsements can be enough to propel your NFT to become the next big thing. This makes it easier for you to get access to more traction on your projects from day one.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests make it easier for your influencers to draw in fans and potential customers. This strategy also helps expand their community, resulting in more promotions for your NFTs.

You can host giveaways on your own or work with influencers to run the contest.

Think of interesting questions that the followers must answer to join the contest. It could be “What’s your favorite NFT?” or “Who’s your favorite artist who has yet to release an NFT?” As long as the question encourages people to respond and share, it’s good. 

Engage with Fans Online

NFT-related AMAs are often hosted by influential social media users or key members of the NFT community. Followers can learn a lot from these sessions including how influencers got into NFTs, what they’re currently working on, or who their favorite artists are.

A good way of conducting AMAs is by splitting them into two components:

  • Larger AMA sessions to draw in new followers
  • Smaller AMA sessions to maintain and refine your NFT community

The first component is geared more for basic questions about the NFTs, the artists, and the influencer. The second is a deeper conversation focused on the nitty-gritty aspects of your project that die-hard fans will appreciate.

Live streams can also be useful to foster a sense of community. If you host an NFT live stream chat, you can encourage the fans to talk about how they got into collecting NFTs and what their favorite parts of it are. This helps build rapport between NFT influencers and their followers, making them more willing to support your brand.

Sponsored Posts/Ads on Social Media Platforms

As mentioned, NFT influencers can help you reach your target demographic more efficiently than regular social media users. You get to tap into their dedicated fan base and aim for high engagement rates over time.

Sponsored posts on popular forums such as Reddit may also pay off in the long run. You need to make sure that these influencers understand your product and message to make sure they’re promoting your brand in the right way.

Sponsored Content on Third-Party Websites and Publications

To position your NFT influencer as a thought leader, you can sponsor their content on various publications. This way, your NFT influencer can share more about your project and expand your reach even further!

Third-party publishers you can consider working with include news outlets, blogs, and other high-traffic websites. Be sure to work only with the biggest publications to get maximum viewership for your NFT project.

NFT influencers have a major role in promoting NFTs and crypto projects.

At the end of the day, you need to balance your efforts between quality and quantity when it comes to influencer marketing in NFTs. You can’t expect immediate results right after putting in resources in this area.

It will take time for you to create awareness. But if you’re persistent and consistent with your efforts, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see results.

The strategies we’ve listed above are a few of the most commonly used tactics out there. You can consider them as a starting point to get turbocharged results with your NFT influencers.

Now it’s time for you to take action and start gaining traction with your NFT-related projects!