What is the Trend for Flooring in 2022?


Various flooring trends have been in fashion, got outdated, and then came back. Flooring preferences are one of a kind as you never know when your old flooring might become trendy again. Available in various designs like wood, stone, marble, or decorative, flooring styles keep coming back with minor changes as per the trend. But to understand which will be the best flooring for your house you need professionals like flooring contractors or at least someone who can understand your expectations in flooring and can guide you on how it can be implemented in your house.

That being said we always look for companies with specialty in a segment but to get the maximum value for your money you should always select flooring contractors or companies that deal in whole remodeling rather than just flooring. The reason is that such construction companies have people with way more hands-on experience than others. They would not only suggest what would be good for the style but also what would be most durable in your house depending upon the geographical location, the layout of the house, and the room in which flooring needs to be done.

As per the data the most trending floorings in 2022 are:

Vintage wood look flooring hardwood look is highly preferred and would not be wrong to say that it’s back in fashion. Though the flooring can be said as quite high maintenance the finish and the look give an exotic vintage feel like no other. It is mostly preferred by people who do not mind expensive flooring and can spend on its maintenance.

Waterproof flooring

Though the reason behind the same can be many, waterproof flooring had a blast this year. It was in high demand. The obvious reason is the busy routines of the millennials who don’t want to waste their time cleaning stains after a spill. There are various options available in waterproof flooring as well. For example – tile flooring and vinyl flooring.

Decorative tile flooring

Though the demand for decorative flooring can be ranged between moderate to high, still its appraisers are increasing day by day. The simple reason for the same is the attractive patterns on floors which immediately catch the viewer’s eyes. This flooring is highly popular in kitchen remodeling where customers want to match the backsplash and countertops with the flooring design.

Eco-friendly flooring

With raising awareness about the harm we are doing to the environment, the eco-friendly flooring market has also grown significantly. Carpet flooring is the most grown through this trend as almost all carpet-based flooring is made with recyclable items hence decorating the floors and saving the environment simultaneously.

Along with these floorings, the most preferred color for flooring by customers is a little darker shade of gray. Though the washroom tiles are mostly seen in white but in the last decade a mix of gray with white has been in more demand. The gray color is also a part of the wooden flooring market through gray wood. Similarly, customers are preferring light brown shades even on wooden flooring.

Now to get these all from someone who deals in all aspects related to construction or remodeling and not just in flooring can be a little tough to find. But if you live in Maryland then you don’t have to stress a lot as when you would search for professional construction contractors in Baltimore, Maryland, a list of contractors will appear, out of those you can directly connect with Marshall Cruz Construction Company without having any doubts. The company has been successfully serving its customers for more than 15 years now and has the advantage of being updated about the local most preferred trends in flooring. The company’s services are not limited to just flooring, rather it also provides:

  • Construction services – Residential as well as commercial
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Custom trim works
  • Door installations
  • Interior framing 
  • Drywall services


Besides these, the company believes that no job is small or big and provides a free estimate regarding the cost of bringing your ideal vision to life. So without delaying any further, connect with Marshall Cruz Construction and get a free estimate for making your house your dream home.



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