Why Drink More Water?


Everywhere you go, it seems as though more and more people are carrying around water bottles these days. In fact, water has reportedly become the second most popular drink in the world (behind soft drinks, of course). We have heard it from doctors, parents, nutritionists and the like all our lives: drink water, it’s good for you. All of them were right. Water has so many benefits apart from being a healthier alternative to a can of soda, and the world is finally catching up.

Drinking water is so important to our overall health. Here are a few reasons to make sure that you drink enough water every day.

Maintain the balance of your body’s fluids

Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water. The functions of the fluids in our bodies are vital to organ and overall health. These functions include absorption, digestion, circulation, the transportation of nutrients and the regulation of our body temperatures, to name a few. Our brains communicate with our organs to let them know how much water to retain in their reserves. However, when we are low on fluids, our brains trigger our bodies’ thirst mechanisms.

Whenever you’re thirsty, reach for your water bottle. Make sure that you are giving your body exactly what it needs in order to help it function as best as it can.

Energise your muscles

If we don’t hydrate our bodies with sufficient water, the cells that are unable to maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes end up shrivelling. This can quickly lead to muscle fatigue, which will lead to poorer athletic performance.

When exercising, it is important to drink enough water. If you plan on working out or going for a run on a particular day, make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day and not only when you are exercising. This will adequately prepare your muscles for the activity ahead, help enhance your ability and aid in recovery as well.

Give your skin the boost it needs

Your skin is your biggest organ and it protects your body from so much, which is why you need to treat is as best you can. While creams and serums may help keep it healthy, nothing is as effective as drinking water is.

Skin contains plenty of water and functions as a protective barrier to prevent the loss of excess fluids. By hydrating properly and healthily, we can help our skin look less dry and perhaps even less wrinkled too.

Help support your kidneys

The fluids in our bodies help transport waste products in and out of our cells. The main toxin in our bodies is called blood urea nitrogen, which is a water-soluble waste that can pass through our kidneys.

Our kidneys are there to help rid the body of toxins and by making sure they get enough water, we can ensure that they stay healthy and perform well. Drinking too little water can lead to severe and painful health complications, such as kidney stones.